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Oh, and in this analogy Aaron Ashmore is the stocking stuffer. Angel and Faith 13 I am digging Willow sans Buffy! Their falling out was too And Willow’s quest to get back magic is much more interesting than fake robot pregnancy. It’s too bad this is the penultimate issue of the story I know she gets some powers for next week’s issue and that probably means that this week has a Willow-centric cliffhanger, so I am well chuffed! This week focuses on the New Brotherhood trying to turn Baby-pocalypse evil, so hopefully they’ll both rear their sexy, sexy heads. Justice League 12 I still consider Wonder Woman queer.

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The Guardian reports on a celebrity victim: Palahniuk — one of many starry authors represented by the firm, including the estates of Mario Puzo and Studs Terkel — said his income had dwindled for several years. He had blamed multiple factors, including piracy and problems at his publisher, for the decline in earnings. Sophygurl, a Tumblr blogger, was present at a controversial WisCon panel and has written an account of what she heard: The post begins — This is going to serve as my panel write-up for this panel, but it also a copy of what I wrote as a report to the Safety team about the panel.

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During dinner (which had been some of the strangest food he’d ever eaten, though Rey and Finn had been pleased as punch), Shiro had asked pointed and bafflingly specific questions about the lightspeed tech they had aboard their ships.

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Doug had been writing since , and had garnered almost three hundred rejections from publishers and magazines before trying his hand at self-publishing on December 31, A little over a year later he quit his day job with the State of Florida, and has been a full-time author ever since. Doug has published thirty-two books on Amazon, science fiction, fantasy, steam punk and one nonfiction about self-publishing, and has sold over two hundred thousand copies of his work.

His Exodus books, with twelve volumes in the main series, plus five in the two spinoff series, have sold over a hundred and seventy thousand books. Doug likes to say that he does not write great literature, but entertainment, and his fans agree enough to keep buying his work. He has well over three thousand reviews on both Amazon 4. A lifelong reader of the fantastic, he had an early love for the classics of science fiction and fantasy, including HG Wells, Jules Verne and the comics of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

He writes fast moving, technically complex novels which appeal to a hardcore fan base. He has plans for several future series, including several space operas, a couple of classic fantasies, some alternate history, and even a post-apocalyptic tale.

The Heinlein Society at the 2003 WorldCon

Anyone who is to be happy, then, must have excellent friends. My hair sticks to my neck in the hot, damp Atlanta night. Forty-six thousand people pour in and out of the building, clogging the streets and lobby.

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August 4th, [ Let’s see how HAL’s doing today [ I am thinking coffee and breakfast first. I guess it just gets more western the more stuff you put in it. I thought maybe western omelettes had salsa or something [ A Denver omelette, also known as a Southwest omelette or Western omelette, is an omelette filled with diced ham, onions, and green bell peppers, though there are many variations on fillings. Often served in the Southwestern United States, this omelette sometimes has a topping of cheese and a side dish of hash browns or fried potatoes.

I caught the opening cereony [ I haven’t seen anything else of it.

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History[ edit ] Regina Carpinelli and her two younger brothers, fans of geek culture from Temecula, California , were regular attendees of San Diego Comic-Con International. The large exhibitor space featured local artists, tattoo artists, comic book dealers, comic book publishers, press vendors, designers and collectibles merchants. There was an Artists’ Alley where celebrities and artists signed autographs and sold portraits.

There were also panels featuring various celebrities, [4] reunions, and upcoming feature films.

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Plus, stump a trek fan, lady suspended to talking to her son who is off to war, Westburo responds to Anonymous, knife inside your head for four years, naked man stealing meat, lady just had a bad headache, man does the dumbest tattoo ever, Liam Neeson doing well, Mexican teen hunger strike, celeb rehab rocker in Utah, James Franco joined twitter, Plaid Stallions and MUCH MORE! But not before we try and stump a trek nerd! Randy Jordan joins us for the first half of the show to give the Oscars what-for.

The big winners, the hosts, the presenters, the funny bits, the terrible bits, and all about The King’s Peach. True Grit loses, but not because it wasn’t awesome. No more batman from Nolan after Rising. Anime Eyes did ok. And why not, some late breaking Charlie Sheen news. Hefty Heart Attack Grill spokesman dies at Southern anti-gay reverend caught masturbating in front of park full of kids.

World’s largest shark jaws up for sale. Diane Lane to play Martha Kent. Lohan video goes public, Busey says he is praying for Sheen.

Poe Dameron: Ace Pilot & Resistance Criminal? (Part 2)

By Phil Plait May 7, That is perhaps the most basic question in astronomy, and in some ways the most aggravating. For nearby stuff — and by that I mean everything from the Moon out to stars about light years away — we can measure distances directly. For nearby stars we can use parallax , which is using the motion of the Earth around the Sun to see how that affects how we see the position of the stars in the sky.

But for distant galaxies, getting their is a lot harder. Click to get to much more cromulently embiggened images.

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This year, newly single, he decided to attend the Lightspeed dating event to meet like-minded women. Here is his account of the romantic, nerdy meetup. After getting one of the last cards to get into this rare event, I was seated in a circle of chairs surrounding another circle of lovely ladies from the con. Fairies, pirates and super heroines abounded. The rules were simple: One minute per girl, one conversation at a time. While the organizers prepared for the event, I immediately sized up my competition.

There were Stormtroopers, Time Lords, and participants that fell into many categories throughout the geek spectrum. I had to work quickly, as the ladies were already eyeing the circle for other potential matches. I felt the women were doing the same thing I was – they were looking for a possible match that spoke to their passions by what genre of fandom they were representing.

I heard similar questions around me from the ladies to the men. Immediately I recognized something very interesting was occurring. Questions to potential matches from both sexes were not the typical questions you would expect to hear outside of geekdom.

LBGTQ+ Characters in Comic Books: Marvel Part I

Share shares In the past, it has tended to be restricted to small groups of social awkward people with an unhealthy interest in role playing games. However, the recent success of films adapted from comic books has helped to change this. The researchers developed two scales to measure if an individual is a geek or not.

As many of you know, my hometown of Ventura and surrounding towns of Ojai and Santa Paula have been hit hard by devastating wildfires. Houses and communities have been destroyed and it will take time before we will be able to assess all of the damage.

Posted on July 12, by The Physicist Physicist: This is exciting, because it demonstrates the feasibility of easy cheap , high-fidelity, long-distance quantum entanglement, which is the key to all quantum communication. Micius is the first shaky pillar of a global-scale quantum infrastructure. Entanglement is basically a combination of correlation and superposition. The difference between a bit and a qubit is that a bit is either 1 or 0 while a qubit is simultaneously 1 and 0.

There are a lot of different forms that a qubit can take just like there are many forms a bit can take: There are two possible polarization states, which is perfect for encoding two possibilities, 0 and 1 and incidentally perfect for making 3D movies; one movie for each polarization and each eye. The polarization of light can point in any direction perpendicular to the direction of travel , so we can use it to describe not just 0 or 1 but a combination of both.

A photon can be in a superposition of both horizontal and vertical polarization. When measured they are always found to be in one state or the other 0 or 1 , but there are a lot of clever things we can do with qubits before doing that measurement. The spooky thing about entangled particles is that, as long as you measure them the same way, their random results will be correlated.

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